Internship June – July 2019

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We very well know that “Hands on Computer skills” is a do away without now days, most of the people, companies and organization operations require a certain level understanding of everyday developing technology. Mobile communications, latest transport means, banking, education and many more require an individual to at least have basic hands on computer skills.

After making all this survey, we realized that it was important to help out many individuals, companies and organization move with the current trend by offering hands on computer skills training.

Interlet limited is a devoted company with versed experience in most of the fields you require to work or do basic computer operations, our target is to spread the gospel of computing world-wide. All of our trainings begin with a take through in all required basic computer operations and we highly recommend any person to start with Computer Applications as they give you a proper practice for the right use of a computer.

Our Training is Currently Based On;

  1. Website Design & Development + Hosting
  2. Website Development with CMS + Hosting
  3. Software Development / Information systems development (PHP & MySQL)
  4. Systems Administration with Windows Server
  5. Graphics Designing
  6. Computer Repair and Maintenance
  7. Microsoft Computer Applications (MS Word, Excel, Access etc..)
  8. Computer Networking

However, the training may mainly depend on what the client wants. We consider our team diverse, meaning that we can handle a client’s situation according to his/her need.

About us and this blog

This blog is particularly meant to provide  ICT problems solutions and new technology updates and ICT knowledge. We don't only provide knowledge but we also encourage, inspire, and motivate you in your journey to adopt, involve and or help you acquire the best out of ICT or Technology.
At Interlet Limited, it is truly our greatest desire to help others find and or advance with the current trend of Technology as it is currently inevitable to do without.

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