Interlet offers ICT internship once in every year and now, the ICT internship - 2019 is back for all computing or ICT related courses including business computing programmes and in its context, we shall cover defined applicable fields of computing to help the internees acquire practical skills which are required in the current industry.

Our major emphasis while extending this service is to ensure that every internee is reached and gets a chance to interact with us, try out and get necessary support at all times while at Interlet.

Why you should  train with us?

Interlet Ltd has a well experienced team with diverse experience in software development, web designing and development, networking, systems administration and clear understanding of most of the trending technologies like Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, web-scale IT, IoT and many more.

On this, we train you physically, work with you, do as you do and we base our training on real life projects which are applicable to the industry.

What we are going to train this year;

We shall in our capacity train you in the following fields – all hands on

Computer Repair and Maintenance

  • Hardware and software maintenance
  • Windows installation
  • Preventative measures and troubleshooting
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Basic printing technologies
  • Security maintenance

Computer Networking (normally covers chapter one of CCNA)

  • Introducing Computer Network
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Network Devices
  • IPv4 Addressing Scheme and MAC Address
  • Common TCP / IP Protocols
  • Ethernet and Wireless Networking
  • Building a Simple Network
  • Routing and Switching configurations
  • Establishing Internet Connectivity
  • Managing Network Device Security
  • Building a Medium-Sized Network
  • Wide-Area Networks
  • Network Management , Optimization and Troubleshooting
  • Network Device Management
  • Documentation and reporting

Systems administration with windows server 2012 (Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012)

  • Deploying and Managing Windows Server 2012
  • Introduction to Active Directory Domain Services
  • Managing Active Directory Domain Services Objects
  • Automating Active Directory Domain Services Administration
  • Implementing IPv4
  • Implementing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
  • Implementing DNS
  • Implementing IPv6
  • Implementing Local Storage
  • Implementing File and Print Services
  • Implementing Group Policy
  • Securing Windows Servers Using Group Policy Objects
  • Implementing Server Virtualization with Hyper-V
  • Project and Research - at the end each trainee must make a research and present as per coverage and extra findings

Web Designing and Development with CMS (Wordpress and Drupal)

  • Concept creating
  • Site planning and Layout
  • Installation and database
  • Dashboard and settings
  • Sites surveys
  • Theme(s) and plugins installation
  • Customizing your theme
  • Designing your website
  • Implementing security
  • Implementing SEO
  • Website Hosting
  • Project – this requires you to create 3 website projects i.e. business, e-commerce and news website.
  • Reporting

Web designing and Development from Scratch – Core Programming

  • This involves ideation or concept creation
  • Mock up designing
  • Database architecture design
  • Pages creation and Forms – HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, Javascript and AJAX
  • Back End programming – SQL and PHP/Laravel
  • Wrap up implementation of the systems
  • Documentation or reporting

Software or Information Systems Development

  • This involves ideation or concept creation
  • Database architecture design
  • Front-End/UI/UX – HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, Javascript and AJAX
  • Back End programming – SQL and PHP/Laravel
  • Wrap up implementation of the systems
  • Documentation or reporting

Graphics Designing

  • Introduction to graphics software (Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/After-Effects)
  • Still graphics (business cards, brochures, logo, posters, banners and more)
  • Motion (video and animation)

Computer Applications

  • Introduction to ICT
  • MS word, MS PowerPoint, Excel and MS Access

Criteria of Applying

We only and only allow a student to Choose one field apart from Computer Repair and Maintenance and Networking. We do this because we want you to focus only on a specific field. It’s practically evident that a trainee can’t acquire necessary skills in over 6 fields in only two months of internship. This is why we want you to choose one and do it perfectly.

Computer repair and maintenance is a must to a everyone.

Training Time

Internship runs for only two months from Late May or early June to Late July 2019 and we normally take you in shifts and they’re determined by the number of students that will apply. We normally produce a training programme towards the commencing of internship which is followed.

About our Team

We have a team of over 6 ICT specialists with experience in multiple fields; We have Software Developers, Web Developers, Mobile App Developers, Networkers, Windows Server experts and Graphics Designers – Join us today for the best ICT skills and experience.

Fees Structure

200,000/- with a Certificate