Computer Networking

Information and communication are two of the most important strategic issues for the success of every enterprise. As technology evolves, many businesses both large and small are implementing computer networks. This is particularly true in developed countries and its being adapted world-wide.

If you run a growing business, you probably understand that quality IT solutions can be crucial to company efficiency. And computer networks are one of the most important IT solutions you can implement in your company.

A business with efficient network is capable of running multi-site businesses with other branches for easy monitoring and centralized management. Also, now days companies have promoted their businesses through social advertisement, instant messaging, emails, channels, tweeting etc.. with the help of business computer network or internet.

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Perhaps the biggest role of computer networks is to increase a business’s overall level of efficiency. Basically, a network will allow different individuals or workers to retrieve information, share it with others and make modifications as needed. In many cases, this can be done from any computer with Internet access and doesn’t require employees to be at a centralized office location.

Does Your Business Need A Computer Network?

We strongly say yes; see-

A good computer network can help managers and others store sensitive information and data and easily, securely access it for modification.

In addition, an efficient computer network can help your business share different network devices such as printers for example a business can use 2 network printers for all other workers instead of buying a printer for every table of an employee hence cutting costs.

A networked business have flexibility to collaborate with other partners online, work on big projects, and get access to fee software and centralization of business resources (data and information).

We preferably designed mixed networks (wired and wireless) giving the ability of workers to also use PDAs like ipads, laptops, smart phones and others to share resources.

Cyclone is here to design for you a fully reliable and scalable computer network on enterprise standards. As a company, we not only stop on designing or installing networks but we can also maintain it and train your workers on how best they can make use of it or internet to achieve the goals of the company.