INTERLET LIMITED – is the successor of Cyclone Techs which was founded by Mukisa Vicent in 2016, cyclone Techs comprised of a team of ICT devoted youths that worked to change their lives and communities through offering ICT services to University students and outsiders.

After a few months the same mentioned founder initiated Cyclone Times a news channel currently under Interlet Limited to offer news within campus news, sports, politics, technology and many more... Working together with his team this channel was put under full control alongside Cyclone Techs for ICT services.  Both Cyclone Techs and Times existed but we formerly legalised Cyclone Techs as a group owning both. Later in early 2019, it was formerly registered as "Interlet Limited" in Uganda's company law as an ICT company offering ICT services alongside news from Cyclone Times.

Cyclone Techs started with a motive to revolutionize IT through mentoring and offering basic IT services to individuals and groups. Later on, as Interlet Ltd, we wrapped up everything to offering enterprise-based services which are set to grow local individuals, small and big businesses or companies plus organisations. 

As an ICT Company, we specialize in developing highly integrated and responsive Websites, Information Systems or Business Software, Digital Marketing, Graphics Designing, ICT consultancy and Solve many more other ICT daily related problems depending on a client’s demand.

We majorly centre our services to solving customer problems in order to generate a real business solution while working closely with the client to ensure perfect results. The experience acquired throughout our previous projects gives us an upper hand to be your best choice for your business problem to effect continued growth and success.

Slogan, Vision, Mission & Core Values

Slogan: Dream, Create and Inspire

Vision: To set a strong ICT foundation that aims to diversify majorly Uganda's economic growth and improve individuals’ lives.

Mission: To be the leading ICT firm in the local industry in providing computer-based solutions.

Core Values:

  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Trust
  • Quick Delivery
  • Integrity

Why we choose ICT?

Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) is the most popular career and the fastest growing industry in the world. There are several success stories about people who chose this field for business and career and are now on top of their game.

ICT as a lucrative career choice for up and coming professionals and businesses gives outstanding factors for success in business life. ICT in its various forms is being used by businesses for a wide range of purposes. These include the creation of new sales channels, maintaining an effective level of communication among the workforce, sending marketing communication messages to current and potential customers, measuring the level of customer satisfaction, making sales, engaging in team building initiatives, increasing the level of employee morale etc...

After grasping this in mind, we, therefore, decided to choose this field and bring it more closely to you and your business in a more professional and easy way to work around your business growth.

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